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Hi there! Welcome to my website. My name is Nafisa Jiwani. I am a graphic and web designer based in Toronto, Ontario. I didn't always know I wanted to be in this field. It took me some time to figure out that this is what I am really passionate about. My interest in computer technology surfaced when I was first introduced to graphics and animation in grade 11. At the time, I hadn't been exposed to it enough to be able to make a decision about my future career path. My creativity, however, has always been one of my most predominant traits. I have always been involved in creative activities such as choreographing dances, designing clothes for fashion shows, or applying henna designs.

I always knew I wanted to be in a field where I could express my creativity but my parents were not too keen on the idea. So I ended up doing a Bachelor's degree at the University of Waterloo instead. Once I graduated, I was presented an opportunity to design my own wedding invitations which peaked my interest in graphic design once again. I decided to go back to school for graphic design. I figured it was the perfect way to combine my love of technology with my creativity. A few years later, I designed a website for a friend and I was surprised to find how enchanted I was with coding. Once again, I decided to go back to school, this time for web design. Now I am proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress. I find that people are always looking for their dream job - I have found that job which makes me that much more dedicated to the work I do.

Oh did I mention that I'm also a perfectionist? So you're guaranteed that my designs for you will be spot on. Don't believe me? Take a look at my graphics portfolio and web portfolio pages on this website. I hope you enjoy!

“Nafisa designed my business cards last year. After spending time with me to find out exactly what I wanted, she came up with a fabulous end product that I fell in love with! Her creativity, attention to detail, commitment and passion are inspiring!”

– Arzina, Henna Artist

“I've been going through some of Mikey's first birthday keepsakes and I couldn't help but smile (like a nice happy heart smile) when I saw what an awesome job you had done with his 1st birthday invitation. I remember the second I had decided on what the theme I wanted his birthday to be and searching online for that unique invitation and coming up with nothing... It made me sad. But then you and I got to talking and I instantly was just happy again... Not only because of how effective you were with creating something from my vague descriptions... But how quick you were to provide samples of your designs. You made it so hard to chose from all the great designs but I'm so happy with what we settled on. Thank you Nafisa... You played such an important part in making Mikey's 1st birthday such a memorable one. Hugs.”

– Anupa, A Loving Mom

“Nafisa has been a joy to work with! She did an excellent job, turning mere ideas into reality. She took our logo (for FloatValley) in a clean and professional direction that we had overlooked and expertly iterated on the feedback from our stakeholders and our design team. I 100% recommend Nafisa for your business's design needs!”

– Nadeem, Founder of Float Valley

“Nafisa created our logo and our website for Cultivaid and we were beyond impressed with her abilities. We explained a concept to her and let her take the creative reigns — she did not disappoint.”

– Salman, CEO of Cultivaid

“Working with Nafisa was a pleasure. She took the time to learn about my business and my visions. Her expert suggestions about the logo and business cards allowed for the perfect design which reflects Shanga wonderfully.”

– Nabeela, Founder of Shanga Designs