Frequently Asked Questions

Cultivaid is designed to work with any fundraising database that you are using. Cultivaid will import data from your existing database to work its algorithms so that you can better raise funds. When you’re ready, use Cultivaid’s export tool to automatically update actions onto your institutions main database, keeping everyone else aware of your activity.
Cultivaid is unique in that yes, it is a CRM, like many others, but there is a very specific focus on fundraising. Cultivaid is designed with the fundraising cycle in mind and has proprietary academic-research-based algorithms powering its strategy. Cultivaid will take into consideration each donor’s unique giving history, habits, and interests to help you craft a unique fundraising strategy to cultivate a stronger relationship.
Cultivaid will help you manage more relationships and will help increase the quality of your current relationships. Our research shows that the happier and more engaged a donor is with an institution, the more likely they are to financially support the institution and upgrade their support to the institution.
We are currently in the final phases of alpha testing and will be moving to a closed beta with our first customer in the next month or two—yes, they didn’t want wait for the full version either. If you would like to be part of an open beta in the future or if you would like to pre-order, please contact us.
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